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Posted by on Aug 6, 2012 in Cameras, Curiosities | 0 comments

Guardian photographer covering the Olympics Londres2012 with an iPhone 4S

Guardian photographer covering the Olympics  Londres2012 with an iPhone 4S

Attention Apple fans and detractors: A of the British newspaper is using the of your to cover the 2012 London Olympics, and apparently seen, with very good results.

The photographer in question is called Dan Chung, and visiting their profile in the British newspaper can view the images you have captured on their way through London in 2012.

And we can love or hate Apple, but the truth of this case is that the photojournalist is getting very good results in this ‘experiment’ carried out for The Guardian.

Dan ventured to experiment with Apple’s mobile and left ligerito baggage to London: Your iPhone 4S (applying Snapseed, which lets you edit, crop, adjust and enhance your photos), a Schneider lens and Canon binoculars.

Sure, I think we should be fair and highlight the experience of Chung as to capture images is concerned, it is not a newly appeared in the world of photography far from it: his reputation has garnered coverage in Iraq after 2003, Indonesia after the 2004 tsunami and Pakistan earthquake in 2006.

Anyway, check out the photo galleries made by Chung with your iPhone 4S, and fanaticism aside the block, share with us your impressions. In my view there are some very “average”, but others can not believe the truth have been made with a mobile.

- Photographer of The Guardian covers Olympic Games with an iPhone 4S (School of Journalism)
- Dan Chung’s Olympic smartphone photoblog (The Guardian)

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