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Posted by on Jun 29, 2013 in Applications | 0 comments

How to get into the Top 50 at the Apple app store?

How to get into the Top 50 at the Apple app store?

Everyone who owns a device with Apple’s IOS operating system knows that a good way to find interesting is to explore the Store and its list of the tools of the moment, which are divided into three sections: the Top Grossing, the best-selling and best Free.

But what it takes to get into that top 50? According to analyst firm Distimo , the goals to be fixed a software developer to enter the ranking are easy to establish:

  • To get into the top 50 free, you have to reach at least 23,000 downloads per day.
  • In the case of paid apps, with 950 daily downloads reached.
  • And to enter the ranking based on revenues, the tool must sell no less than USD $ 12,000 every 24 hours.

As expected, things get much more difficult when entering the group of the top ten, and that free apps will require more than 70,000 downloads, 4,000 facilities in the case of paid or raise USD $ 47,000 per day to enter the list in that category.

Of course, the effort is worth it when you consider that to be in the Top 50 or Top 10 gives great visibility to the in the App Store, serving to increase rapidly its bonds for as long as it is popular.

Link: How Do You Break Into Top 50 iPhone App Store? Try 23K Free Daily Downloads, Premium 950, Or $ 12K In Daily Revenue (Tech Crunch)

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