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Posted by on Jul 1, 2013 in Companies | 0 comments

HP is developing a new smartphone

HP is developing a new smartphone

Although the market is increasingly polarized and competition is concentrated in a few hands, the people of will not stay without their slice of the pie, so that from now announce that they are already working on a computer own that will appeal to be “different” from the other options.

“The answer is yes [we're working on a smartphone], and although I can not speak of calendars at this time, it would be silly to say that we are not interested. HP has to be in the game, “said Yam Su Yin, director of the consumer division and Tablet PC company in the Asia.

About what the HP strategy to compete against the giants in the industry, the director said the key will be in knowing differentiate from the rest and exploit everything that has not been done within the realm of smartphones,

“Tardiness forces you to create different proposals. There are still things not done yet, so I think we’re on time. When you have your smartphone HP will deliver a different experience to what we have seen. “

In September last year, the CEO of HP, Meg Whitman, said the company was working on a mobile phone manufacturing itself would become the “first computing device” in many countries. However, a few weeks later, the same Whitman stated that it was within its agenda deliver a smartphone in 2013 .

HP’s entry to the market of is almost certain, but most likely have to wait to see your proposal. Mr. Yam Su Yin revealed that the moving company is already being developed, but also stressed that the main activity of the company is still laptops, tablets and PCs.

Link: HP exec says company will re-enter smartphone market … (Engadget)

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