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Posted by on Jun 18, 2013 in Companies, SmartPhones | 0 comments

Huawei could buy Nokia

Huawei could buy Nokia

Huawei, the Chinese manufacturer of smartphones, confirmed that is open to buy Nokia. According to a report in the London Financial Times , the Chinese company said it is considering to buy it, but the final word has it Nokia.

Richard Yu, Chairman of Huawei’s consumer group, told reporters that is open-minded:

We are thinking of such acquisitions, perhaps the combination has some synergies, but it depends on the will of Nokia.

So far has not given an official position, just simply say do not comment on market speculation. The truth is that Huawei might be overlooked negotiations and opt for a hostile takeover, after all Nokia shareholders are not so sure that Windows Phone is the option to compete in the market.

Huawei, who currently ranks third in shipment volume in China (behind Apple and Samsung), has a good user base in the country and would be very interested in immersing themselves in the smartphone market. Their strongest card is the P6 Ascend was announced a few hours ago and we already have our first impressions .

Huawei Will decides to buy a Nokia? Other companies like Samsung, Intel or Lenovoa showed interest in buying at some point. Maybe now that stocks are in USD $ 4.10 it’s time to open the wallet.

Link: Nokia Surges 11%: Huawei ‘Open’ to Buying Them, Says FT (Barrons)

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