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Posted by on Dec 26, 2012 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

I give Apple’s patent sliding tray for nano-SIM

I give Apple's patent sliding tray for nano-SIM

Earlier this year, Apple and Nokia faced around to be the next standard format card, as the Cupertino company has tried to impose on the European Institute of Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) some design criteria for the card dealing with a sliding tray.

At the time, Apple’s proposal deeply disturbed Nokia , who already had their own proposal list in conjunction with Motorola and RIM, and eventually was dismissed by ETSI offered versus what the Cupertino company .

As part of this recent fight, yesterday the and Trademark Office U.S. finally granted the patent of the sliding tray for nano-SIM with which convinced the ETSI, which is described as “a connector allowing the SIM cards to be easily removed and replaced, and which is resistant to damage from incorrectly insert a SIM card.

I give Apple's patent sliding tray for nano-SIM image 2

The patent indicates that the electronic device #100 of the top image can be a tablet like the iPad, a netbook or notebook form, as well as any type of computer, cellular, multimedia device, monitor or whatever also specifies # 110 that the card may well be a SIM card, mini-SIM, micro-SIM card or any type of electronic device.

It should be noted that the name of the patent says mini-SIM, however the idea is to occupy the patent above all with the new model of wireless communication card, the nano-SIM.

Link: Apple Wins Patent Strategically Important Micro SIM (Patently Apple)

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