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Posted by on Nov 1, 2012 in Applications | 0 comments

iDev Archives: An app created in Chile that opens “everything” in iOS

One of the biggest problems of all device is the lack of a file manager and the lack of an enabling environment to read multiple types of formats and extensions.

Speaking of my personal experience, there have been many many times I sent an email with a compressed photos. Rar, which is impossible to do with the standard configuration of the phone. Now with iDev Archives-an application created by the Chilean Carlos Oliva-programmer can open that file with a touch to iOS before could not read.

The number of supported formats is extensive, just to name a few: ZOM, RPM, ADF, XZ, TAZ, CAB, LBR, ZIP, EXE, TXZ, SAR, ISO, RAW, and many others.

One of the interesting aspects of the app is the integration it has with the iOS ecosystem as it can open those files with iDev Archives in Mail, Safari, etc.. Archives iDev then gives you the ability to save and send these files by iTunes or rescue.

I installed the app to see how it walked and I got a very good impression.

A short walk through the App

Upon opening the app, one of the first things that I encounter is with a small tutorial showing the use of the same, is emphatic in stating their potential and the number of files it supports.

Once we finished all the tutorial, we’ll have a blank screen. What do we do now?

Opening a File

To prove that such walks Implementation, compressed file in. RAR. The. RAR contains an image of a Lumia 710 in. JPG. will try to open it with.

Rapidly decompressed file and the image was in seconds.

Worth remembering that the application also allows you to send the file by email and also allows rescue the file from your computer using iTunes.

As you can see is a very simple app, but not so little powerful. It is available in the for $ 1.99 and works on iPad, iPhone, iPod, etc.

Link: AppStore

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