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In July 2014 Europe will not have roaming fees

In July 2014 Europe will not have roaming fees

Has finally been given the go ahead to a European Community law finally eliminate fees among the 27 countries of the Union.

After years of rumors and elimination study of special rates that add exorbitant prices to messages, calls and data between in different countries, even when it comes to the same operator but in a different country, takes a step to not add extras. This will affect the rates of calls, text messaging and data rates all the operators present in Europe in July 2014.

It is estimated that roaming charges can become 2% of the annual profit of the operators, but this effort is made to convert the telecommunications market in a single market. This will involve efforts in the operators, but also throughout the market.

In a way the European idea is to turn the European market of mobile telecommunications in a very similar to the U.S.. UU., Where a very small number of operators. If we look at Europe, there are a hundred different carriers, although three or four large firms dominate the market in many countries. Does that mean that most operators disappear? It is not clear, although the thought of a single market would go through the merger of many operators.

Although it is expected to be for summer 2014, some sources within the point to the year 2015, after negotiations, they can eliminate roaming fees.

Link: An end to mobile phone roaming ‘bill shock’ in Europe by next year? Not likely (The Next Web)

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