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Posted by on Nov 24, 2012 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Instagram breaks record for use during the Thanksgiving Day

Instagram breaks record for use during the Thanksgiving Day

On Thursday November 22 was Day (Thanksgiving), date where people celebrated primarily in the United States through a dinner where the turkey is the main protagonist (dead and cooked). But it is also a perfect time to do something that people with loves smartphone: take pictures of their food and upload them to Instagram, so it is not surprising that Thursday was the best day in the history of this service.

And that is shared over ten million images in a single day, at a rate of 226 per second, with the peak time establishing a mealtime, ie after midday. This broke all records in Instagram, proving to be the platform of choice for people when capturing moments and share them via social networks.

To have an overview of what this means, consider that a typical day in is up about five million photos, so this time traffic has doubled in a day and on the Internet, that’s saying something. In the company, commented on it with a phrase very boring and politically correct: “We are excited to see people use Instagram to share their holidays.”

Link: Thanksgiving breaks records Instagram: Over 10M shared photos at a rate of up to 226 per second (The Next Web)

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