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Posted by on Jun 26, 2013 in Applications | 0 comments

Instagram CEO said the app will come to BlackBerry and Windows Phone rather than Glass

Instagram CEO said the app will come to BlackBerry and Windows Phone rather than Glass

Kevin Systrom, CEO of Instagram, was emphatic in ensuring that the next steps of the application still hand in hand with mobile platforms rather than exploring new formats of devices. Asked by Fast Company as to whether an application for Glass would in the near future, Systrom said that the service is far from taking that route.

“We’re not on BlackBerry or Windows Phone, so I think they will come before Glass” he said.

Of course, there is that we believe that this decision has to do with that is the owner of the company and is pushing to increase its presence in other mobile platforms rather than promoting the latest gadget from a rival company like Google … malicious would never be like that. However, Systrom sounds reassuring that show even a glimmer of hope for the future of on more in the near future.

Well … It’s not that way. Systrom made ​​sure to say that these statements implied that both BB10 and WP8 will get some good love from Instagram. Furthermore, experiemental Glass is a platform that until next year could see the light officially, so it is not unusual to raise the situation this way.

Anyway, this gives a bit the same. For fans of the application in the operating systems above are ways to access an unofficial Instagram. Instance for WP, and a cover version of the Android App for BlackBerry 10.

Sorry, Glass … You’ll have to get in line.

Link: Kevin Systrom: Instagram On Google Glass? Not Before Windows Phone, BlackBerry (Fast Company)

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