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Posted by on Dec 10, 2012 in Applications | 0 comments

Instagram eliminates the option of displaying your photos in Twitter

Instagram eliminates the option of displaying your photos in Twitter

photos will no longer be in any way in Twitter.

“Defused Instagram photo integration with Twitter. As a result, pictures and tweets do not appear in the photo galleries or users. Although it is possible to tweet links to photos of Instagram, and you can not see the pictures on Twitter, as it was before, “said the social network of bluebird Sunday.

Although users can share links, they will not open directly into the stream of tweets, as was the case until now.

Last week, Instagram partially disabled “Twitter Cards” , a system created by the social network so that other developers can display images in the timeline of tweets, both the web version and in applications. This caused bad images are seen, however, this Sunday already changed things completely.

The move comes after Facebook acquired Instagram for $1,000 million , intensifying competition with Twitter. The downside is that share Instagram images on Twitter was an important part of the functionality of the “social network” photo filter feature that is now lost to users.

Although the decision in this case was taken by Instagram, on the other hand, there are rumors that Twitter is planning to introduce an application of photo filters to own before year end.

Link: No more Instagram photos inside of Twitter (AllThingsD)


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