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Posted by on Jul 27, 2012 in Social Networks | 0 comments

Instagram exceeds 80 million users, doubling …

Instagram exceeds 80 million users, duplicándol ...

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Just three months reached 40 million users in early May and reached the 50 million mark and now exceeded 80 million registered users. The popular social network photos each day increases your presence on the Internet after opening up to Android after being an exclusive service for iPhone, achieving an average Growth of 10 million monthly users.

In addition, Instagram announced that its users have already shared a whopping 4,000 million photos. A small number compared to the 300 million photos are uploaded to (which recently bought Instagram at U.S. $1,000 million), but impressive considering that only you can upload images for iPhone and Android phones.

It’s a huge number considering that the service did not appear until October 2010, where at the end of this month and reached 300,000 users to overcome their first million in December of that year.

The final installment results Instagram before being bought by Facebook and launch its Android version was 27 million users in March 2012, which already doubled in May with over 50 million users. One can only hope that if the rumors that will soon appear a version for computers are true, the user base of Instagram will fire through the roof.

Link: 80 million users Instagram passes (CNET)

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