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Posted by on Dec 11, 2012 in Applications, Updates | 0 comments

Instagram is updated: New filter, and Foursquare data better experience

Instagram is updated: New filter, and Foursquare data better experience

Good news for fans of Instagram, because the company now dependent on Facebook has announced an Update that introduces small changes that aim to deliver a better user experience for both users and iOS.

The first thing you’ll notice when you start to see that after updating the camera takes a much closer look at the rest of the application: Change the photo shutter button, conveniently shows the last picture we took with the phone, incorporates Optionally a grid to align in the best way we can take pictures, and becomes much faster the Snapshot process. Ah, and now find that filtered images are in a separate album called “Instagram”.

It also integrates a new filter name Willow, it becomes nearly monochromatic our decision and provides subtle highlights in purple and white. Instagram’s own blog says it works perfect portraits and other situations where static elements predominate.

Tilt-Shift effect was also improved in response to complaints from many users who saw the pictures they looked different modified last. That was repaired arranging the algorithm that was made with this process, helping to ensure that there is always fictitious depth of field, but more realistic than before.

Among other novelties are a marked improvement in the list of features which are comments and photos you liked our supporters, accompanied with larger images, along with a new welcome screen, infinite scroll in user profiles themselves and others , Foursquare data integration to provide better information about where we are, improving the level of information that can be accessed from the same App

One who is preparing to compete with Twitter and its filters to photos you should leave before the end of the year , right?

May not be available right now – I downloaded to the but not on – but have some patience touches to make it available everywhere.

Link: Instagram 3.2 – Improved Camera with a New Filter (Instagram Blog)

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