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Posted by on Dec 18, 2012 in Applications | 0 comments

Instagram photos seeks to exploit commercially

Instagram photos seeks to exploit commercially

will change its terms in January, including in its new rules that have left more nervous about the use to be given to content created by users.

“All or part of the service may be supported by advertising revenue. To help us deliver paid or sponsored content interesting, you agree to a business or other entity will pay us for all of your user name, profile, photos (with associated metadata), and / or actions you take in connection with content paid or sponsored or promotions without compensation to you, “say the new terms.

That is, use your name and Instagram photos you take and upload the service to make money. You can also find your location (via the associated metadata) and sell well. In short, you could soon find your name and photo in an advertisement, without even warn you though Instagram insists that you remain owner of the photos that you upload.

The changes will be operational from January 16.

In social networks, and many disagree with the change – but better or for worse, this is a free service, which means that the user is the product. The idea is to sell to advertisers the number of active users has the service.

Some argue that the only solution here is to opt for paid services, to earn money and maintain the service with that, instead of selling to users to pay people who work in the company. Because it’s free, and not have a sustainable business model, Instagram options eventually would come to advertising – now in the hands of Facebook .

There is no way to reject the new Instagram if you disagree with them. If you have an account and you enter the service via web, smartphone or any manner, you agree to use your content in advertisements. The only way is to delete the account and not to use the service.

The issue could give opportunity to some of the other applications that are used to put to photos – including the one just launched Twitter , although we are not sure that in the future will not attempt to use the content in the same way.

Link: What Instagram’s new terms of service mean for you (NYTimes)

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