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Posted by on Nov 2, 2012 in Applications, Equipments, Operating Systems, SmartPhones, Tablets, Updates | 0 comments

iOS 6 already has its first update

iOS 6 already has its first update

A month after its release, and with much criticism in tow, iOS 6 is updated for the first time . It is not a warm wet cloth to undermine the wrath of users, dazzled by a stubborn, disconnected by a Wi-Fi capricious, unprotected by a half-block and literally lost for the poor Apple OS maps , but a real bug fix that should, in theory, eliminate initial discontent permanently.

So, the is added to the list of stems, born with multiple defects, found redemption in an early operating system update. If all goes as Apple says, back problems will be Wi-Fi, keyboard and flash … but beware! The Update will not solve the maps application errors (ha!)

The truth is that Apple users can download the update from the Settings menu. Occupies 69 MB so you have to do it no Wi-Fi. Exceptionally, users of iPhone 5 may take a direct download 983 MB occupied! (And so far it does not solve the maps).

Anyway, making a brave, see the advantages that are advertised for this update:

* Improved Wi-Fi for iPhone 5 and 5th Generation when using WPA2 encrypted networks.

* Install software updates via Wi-Fi, which could not be done before. In addition, a bug that prevented disappears using mobile network in some cases.

* Goodbye horizontal lines on the keyboard of the iPhone 5, a real headache and definitely one of those inexplicable errors: could agree with facts peculiar to fail as Wi-Fi when you try from a moving car in the heart of Botswana But … what the keyboard look bad and still allow the output to the sale of the team? Inconceivable.

* Camera Flash, Fixed. It will not be an impediment to exit the application or shutdown.

* Lock screen fixed. In theory, as of now, if the phone is locked, stays locked, while information assets as passageways into cards.

Thus, Apple hopes to alleviate its users and will get it, of course, provided that none of them is user maps. In short, between iPhones and iPads larger smaller, blunders like this cartographic application, it seems that for now Apple has literally “lost its way” Dawn and see.

Link: iOS 6.0.1 is now available for download for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. (BGR)

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