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Posted by on Jun 28, 2013 in Operating Systems | 0 comments

iOS 7 Beta 3 could arrive on July 8

iOS 7 Beta 3 could arrive on July 8

According to BGR site, a reliable source with knowledge of the subject course revealed that the third version of the Beta 7 will reach the hands of the developers on 8 July, as everything seems to indicate that the progress that has been Apple with the latest versions has been satisfactory.

With this, the Cupertino could follow a scheme every two weeks to get everything ready in the northern hemisphere autumn, when made public worldwide. If so, Apple would have released nine veriones Beta for the month of September.

The informant responsible for releasing this rumor was the same as predicted the arrival of the first and second version of 7, so it’s likely that their forecasts on the Beta 3 will become a reality on Monday, July 8.

Taking into account the features of the previous version , released just this week, the Beta 3 should also reach out to all iOS devices will receive this software in the future, so it’s likely that we see in , and compatible.

Link: Apple iOS 7 beta 3 scheduled for release on July 8th (BGR)

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