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Posted by on Jun 11, 2013 in Operating Systems | 0 comments

IOS 7: The simplicity sometimes complicates

IOS 7: The simplicity sometimes complicates

When starting to write this, we have over an hour waiting for the “release” of 7, however nothing yet. Meanwhile, we have been reviewing an amount not less than images interface for start your engines and start our analysis step.

The first intentions after Jonathan Ive took the reins iOS was to eliminate all trace of Skeumorfismo. In short, all the things that tried to simulate textures and designs of real life that could be seen mainly in the Calenadrio and Reminders. That – as several critics – it fouls the interface, however, makes it more familiar to the everyday user.

IOS 7: The simplicity sometimes complicates image 2

The idea of ​​Ive-according to many media-was to replace all for something much more minimalist, something like that some time ago and was making the latest Windows Phone or Android deliveries … Because, we agree, from Android 4.0 onwards the operating system Google has an enviable balance of simplicity, functionality and minimalism when it is at its best.

IOS 7: The simplicity sometimes complicates image 3

The concept of minimalism / Ive functionality was finalized after mixing various ingredients, including a source that is on everyone’s lips today: Helvetica Neue Ultra Light (Sorting Vox: Neo-Grotesque Lineale B). This typeface was created in 1983, approximately 30 years after the creation of the original Helvetica, this variant is precisely intended for use in computer equipment due to its excellent readability.

One of the things that we are left with an uneasy feeling is how this font will unfold in the environment. In our opinion, has a much bigger challenge than occurred in other types of minimalist interfaces like Windows Phone. In the latter, letters usually rely on solid colors, however in IOS source 7 rests on different scenarios that are not exactly solid colors.

IOS 7: The simplicity sometimes complicates image 4

This could be a problem for the user with respect to the use of the phone. It also provides for a hierarchical problem, because as you saw in the pictures, you have to know quite well the phone to tell a “plain text” of “one button”, since the concept of “button” or “action box” we used to know has been ripped almost complement in this latest installment.

To mitigate this, the team has to make an effort not less and use various sensors to allow changing contrast and brightness in certain areas of the screen to allow good visualization of the content.

IOS 7: The simplicity sometimes complicates image 5

Making a great addition to the above point, you can see a big change in the direction in which the icons were designed, which also implies a rethinking of design icons of third-party applications. What happens when you try to bring that design to OSX? How will?

Is it even consistent?

The icons presented in iOS 7 use pastel colors in our computers are seen as very strong colors with high brightness and contrast medium into the iPhone tend to be more opaque, but the question remains how well – aesthetically speaking – is will. It’s like a mix of the latest versions of Symbian UI, blended into the icons from previous versions of iOS and WebOS much.

IOS 7: The simplicity sometimes complicates image 6

One thing worth noting is quite worth effect, which causes a movement in the menu background image as if you follow. That is to say it’s pretty well done, and – most likely – is that it is one of the reasons why the iPhone 3G was discontinued, since it does not have gyroscope and the effect Parallex required.

We are in the process of installation, so that soon we will look into these first notes in the abstract. It is our At First Sight … If there is something they want to see in particular, do not hesitate to tell us in the comments.

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