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Posted by on Nov 23, 2012 in Companies | 0 comments

IPad mini accuses Samsung of infringing its patents

IPad mini accuses Samsung of infringing its patents

said the to its new legal battle against Apple, which already included the iPhone 5 . The company filed a document by adding the 7.9-inch tablet to the case, along with the iPod Touch and the iPad traditional accused of patent infringement.

The include some standards considered essential, meaning that the company owner is obliged to offer at a reasonable price to competitive firms. Among the patents are “method and apparatus for performing unscheduled transmissions in a mobile communication system to support an enhanced upstream channel”, “device audio / video is a function of volume control for audio playback unit external using volume control buttons of a remote control and a volume control method for it “and” Method and device for multimedia synchronization ” among others .

U.S. won the first trial between the two companies. This second lawsuit come to court next year. Meanwhile, the Cupertino company accuses the Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S III and some other products infringe its patents.

The deadline to add more equipment to not yet due, so that we could still see changes in these proposals.

Link: Samsung accuses of Patent Infringement mini iPad in latest legal exception (The Verge)

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