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Posted by on Dec 8, 2012 in Equipments, Operating Systems, Tablets | 0 comments

iPad, the tablet with the longest battery life

iPad, the tablet with the longest battery life

Point to Apple! In a test conducted by Which? was announced that the tablets have more autonomy than other pads of the most popular on the market.

The authors explain that the test took into account the expense of a tablet that is bigger than another, why have tested aside of 9.4 inches and the other the more and less than 7.9 inches.

So, in the segment of large screens, the iPad with retina display and the iPad 2 beat rivals like the Sony Xperia S Tablet or Galaxy Tab 10.1. In the following graph we see expressed in hours performance of each of the tablets tested under a tardea simple: surf the Web using Wi-Fi.

iPad, the tablet with the longest battery life image 2

In this case the podium is shared by Apple, with the first and second place and Sony for third place. The controversial Samsung is outside the medals, like the Nexus 10, the yield was about 40% less than the iPas with retina display.

As for small tablets, the result was similar. in the lead, followed by the Amazon Kindle Fire HD and Google Nexus 7. Far, far away, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7 “.

iPad, the tablet with the longest battery life image 3

But is this the ultimate test? Not necessarily. Each test is performed in different ways and sometimes the results may vary slightly. In this case, the people of Which? We made a video to see how did your test. If you can not see in this post, click here .

But how much influence your decision the life? If you are a “hater” of Apple, do you know you buy the iPad when it is the hardest? And if you’re a fan of Samsung,

Generally, the less informed about the gadgets are elected by how they look or because a friend recommends them, of all tablets in the trial that you recommend?

Link: Which tablet has the better battery life? (Which?)

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