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Posted by on Jul 21, 2012 in Companies, Tablets | 0 comments

IPhone goes on sale in China without incident report

IPhone goes on sale in China without incident report

After so many problems and complexities, so many claims costs here and there, finally managed to sell its new iPhone in and the 2.

But there is something curious, usually Apple releases in that country are as expected as they are in America, even come to form rows as long as those made in North American and the Launch of these tablets, there was long lines and people fighting over an iPad, however, everything went in total calm.

Not that they do not care what happens is that most of the Chinese failed to set aside your iPhone online to only have to pick it up at the Apple Store for your convenience. This reservation system will continue indefinitely, preventing people generate endless rows and riots like those seen during the early sales of the iPhone 4S, equipment that caused madness among Chinese users, motivating even to suspend the sale because the authorities could not ensure the safety of staff at the Apple Store or the public.

Link: Apple iPad launches in China today without incident (IntoMobile)

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