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Posted by on Oct 19, 2012 in Curiosities | 0 comments

Italian Supreme Court believed that prolonged use can cause cancer of the mobile

Italian Supreme Court believed that prolonged use can cause cancer of the mobile

The phone causes cancer, causes or not … Here is the dilemma! For muco long been speculated with the possibility that prolonged use of mobile devices can cause the appearance of cancerous tumors. However, there is still no scientific evidence to prove it, but a Superior of thinks otherwise …

And is that the Supreme Court has issued a landmark ruling that he considers as an “occupational disease” for an ex-manager who for 10 years of labor exercise spent six hours a day with the phone glued to his ear and now has a brain tumor.

Thus, as outlined in ‘The World’, the Italian Supreme judges have ruled that the developed affected by the “rampant use” phone for work, so it is considered an occupational disease and that affected both should receive financial compensation.

A complicated case because it has no scientific basis to prove it. Recall that recently talked to a study published by ‘Health Protection Agency’ which showed dissociation between the use of mobile terminals and brain cancer …

However, when in doubt better not exaggerate in mobile usage, not in a few years we say yes, yes they hurt. Or maybe it never happens, because behind the phone industry there are so many economic interests, that anything can happen. In your case, do you think it can actually be a connection between brain tumors and cell phone use?

Link: The phone call cancer (The World)

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