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Posted by on Jul 11, 2012 in Applications, Operating Systems, SmartPhones, Updates | 0 comments

It’s time! He begins to get the OTA update for Galaxy Jelly Bean Nexus

It's time! He begins to get the OTA update for Galaxy Jelly Bean Nexus

Do you have a Galaxy Nexus? Well, that time came from both aguardabas ads on Google I/O. Oh, yeah … has come to give new life to the android as the fact finder decided it had to be.

The OTA is pretty light, but do not be fooled by its size. All changes shown in the presentation of I/O are available: Google Now, Project Butter and many operating system enhancements that will help the stability of your computer … Oh, and – incidentally – will make you the envy of Android fans of your friends who chose other phones and not the great Nexus.

Did you get the update notification? Well, if nothing happened yet, be patient. If you already tienas, updated with confidence and tell us what you think you may notice changes in your computer. Here we are all attentive and waiting for your opinion.

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