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Posted by on Jun 21, 2013 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Japanese court determined that Samsung violated Apple’s patent

Japanese court determined that Samsung violated Apple's patent

(Cc) pouwerkerk / Flickr

Here we go again … A court in Tokyo, Japan, gave his verdict in favor of Apple , who said that Samsung had copied the 7,469,381 patent detailing the mechanism to indicate that it was the end of an electronic document through an effect of ” rebound “in the text.

The decision of the court of Tokyo comes three months after the Office of Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) confirmed that it had taken a decision last October to revoke this patent to “bounce” to the Cupertino company , which allowed older phones are not recalled.

It is unclear whether the court will take into account this background nor the amount of compensation to be determined by the trial judge, Shigeru Osuga, or how much longer they will make this decision. The court will give more background at 07:30 GMT.

Link: Apple wins patent case against Samsung in Japan (C | Net)

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