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Posted by on Jun 12, 2013 in Operating Systems | 0 comments

Jon Rubinstein criticized HP for what they did with Palm and WebOS

Jon Rubinstein criticized HP for what they did with Palm and WebOS

The ex-CEO of – when it was an independent company – HP destroyed in an interview in which he made clear his displeasure regarding the management that the computer giant was following the acquisition of his company.

Rubinstein blamed for having prevented “flourish” and described the sale as “a waste”. He also said that if he were again in a position to sell to HP just would not do. “It’s not something I could decide because ultimately it is a decision of the shareholders, but if I knew they were just going to close everything and never will give the opportunity to flourish, what would have been the point of selling the company? “

Asked about the similarity of managing multitasking with the WebOS, Rubinstein says that validates the position taken in a moment about the usability of your system, and is convinced that this inspiration was not only taken for use iOS.

“If you look at the reports of OS X, look at WebOS as well. We did many things that were truly innovative. Obviously, managing multitasking, notifications, synergy between devices, how we handled card information … There are a lot of things we did that were adopted by Microsoft, and Android. Nobody implemented as we did, but clearly moving in that direction, “he said.

Rubinstein was CEO of Palm when submitting the renewal of the company’s product based on WebOS, proprietary operating system that had been designed to create devices that compete on equal terms with a growing iPhone that ate the U.S. smartphone market. The first teams were shown in January 2009, and 10 months after the company was sold to HP that – eventually – launch a new line of products under the Palm line and then discard abruptly platform.

Link: Rubinstein on HP’s purchase of Palm: ‘Talk about a waste’ (FierceWireless)

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