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Posted by on Dec 20, 2012 in Patents | 0 comments

Kodak sells its portfolio of digital imaging patents for $ 525 million

Kodak sells its portfolio of digital imaging patents for $ 525 million

A breath of new life after formalized managed a group of 12 companies ultimately settled the patent portfolio of the former photography giant went on sale to repay debts and be in a better position to restructure for the future.

The gang stayed with this IP packet sees Apple, RIM, Google, Samsung, Adobe, HTC, Facebook, Fujifilm, Huawei, Amazon, and Microsoft, companies that divided the corpse will have rights to use the patent portfolio of digital image of the company and other company’s Patents alike, achieving limited cost benefit for all these companies preventing a future trial on exploitation of intellectual property between them.

This transaction must now be approved by the court of the United States, the request should not have some objections to the approval of the monetization process that gives one more day of life to a company looking for an economic resurgence since casting limit hand to its most valuable assets.

Link: Kodak sells digital imaging patents for $ 525 million – Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook and others get dibs (IntoMobile)

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