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Lenovo says it is to close a deal with another manufacturer collaboration

Lenovo says it is to close a deal with another manufacturer collaboration

is planning to do something interesting with other manufacturers, particularly in relation to their area of ​​smartphones. Or so said a spokesman for the Chinese company, ensuring that the process was still very preliminary.

This was reported to the Hong Kong conveniently, which – as speculated – could give clues as to which the negotiations are more advanced than it is openly acknowledged.

Who could this mysterious partner? They talk about the option of getting a partnership with NEC, for which Lenovo would take over its troubled smartphone unit to generate new products using its experience gained in recent years, but also using the wide range of intellectual property of the Japanese to improve their access to key patents without fear of lawsuits.

spokesmen have declined to talk about this particular issue, but recognize the problems that are now facing a commercial level and ensure that within the company are studying ways to improve their situation.

But the list does not end there. Some time ago we saw the open willingness to Thorsten Heins, CEO of BlackBerry, to study the option to license BB10 to other manufacturers who wanted to create products with its new operating system.’s Own Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing, said at the time that an treatment and “could make sense” and that it is time evaluated.

Similarly, BlackBerry is a highly valued brand in Asia, although in certain key markets this continent has lost ground against the onslaught of Chinese manufacturers that stifle local economic teams demand and increasingly powerful. This would also make sense considering that Lenovo wants to break into the United States – and the rest of North, Central and South America – in 2014, and that he could agree multiplication of circulating BB10-based devices on the market.

What will we see soon? While an with NEC could be very sensible and even natural, only lead to increase its presence in Asia. An agreement with Canada sounds like a much tastier loot for both parties.

We can only sit and watch what happens. Something interesting might be brewing across the world.

Link: Lenovo smartphone venture planning in expansion drive (Reuters)

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