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Posted by on Dec 9, 2012 in Companies, Equipments, Operating Systems | 0 comments

LG can not manufacture many Nexus 4

LG can not manufacture many Nexus 4

This has been recognized LG. Not keep up on the great success of Nexus 4. In the words of Andy Coughlin, head of in the UK, the company is not able to meet the for Nexus 4, the latest offshoot of Google, as the handset in question would have broken all expectations.

And, so for the bulk of technological industry analysts was clear, for Google has been a surprise: a mobile Nexus conditions intended to run four born, high performance that makes them capable of competing with caps line and reduced cost just 299 euros, are the perfect combination to activate the machinery relevant to the fullest. According to Coughlin, LG works according to forecasts from Google.

But is it true?

There are those who insist that all this excessive demand marketing is a show to demonstrate the high interest of users and increase the noise surrounding this team, but what Google would have interest in creating a strategy Apple style (with advance purchase, giveaways and waiting lists) if the really is appealing? We are not talking about a gizmo like others, with high price and buggy, but a high-end alternative for users with less purchasing power. Also Google has positioned itself as effective, a miscalculation in these terms is a disservice to their “marketing”.

The truth is that, whatever you have done that to tarry LG blank with making “many” Nexus 4, is expected to have a significant increase in the production of such equipment, to meet the demand at Christmas considering it is the period in which it sells most phones.

Link: LG Explains “huge demand” for Google Nexus 4 Caused supply shortage. (

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