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Posted by on Aug 22, 2012 in SmartPhones | 0 comments

LG is preparing a new high range to debut at IFA, Optimus G

LG is preparing a new high range to debut at IFA, Optimus G

Without wanting wanting, as any leakage, a couple of Asian media say they have information about what prepares ahead of releases that could be presented in Berlin in a few days, when the most important exhibition of consumer electronics – IFA – start its 2012 version.

And beyond the renewal of its line of televisions, audio equipment and practically everything they do, in the mobile arena could be about to deliver the most powerful high-end ever left their drawing boards.

The new high-end LG boost brand leadership in the field of LTE, integrating it into a computer with capabilities to deliver voice over – VoLTE. In common themes, the would TrueHD IPS screen 4.7 inch, 2 GB of RAM, 13 MP camera and a quad-core chip undetermined. Many are betting that this could mark the beginning of chips based computers manufactured in-house, although the option of having a enhanced or generation always a viable alternative.

Of course, this team will integrate the interface Optimus UI and services as Quick Memo.

The hope is that this team can get there in time to compete for media attention at IFA, which will be faced with tough rivals from other manufacturers, although its emphasis on LTE could mark his arrival in some European and Latin American countries who are just their way into the world of 4G.

How about this little beast?

Link: LG Optimus G to be leaked OEM s most powerful smartphone yet? (Phandroid)

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