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Posted by on Aug 27, 2012 in SmartPhones | 0 comments

LG Optimus 7 replaces defective phones each Android

LG Optimus 7 replaces defective phones each Android

Apparently the Optimus 7 with Windows phones from are failing and the problem is not the software but the hardware. The point is that despite the existence of a guarantee, the defect cosmic phone for some reason, is irreparable, which means that LG has no other way out but to change the client computer with a new one.

As you might guess, the unfortunates who bought a Optimus 7, LG is giving a new phone with is that, for the bad luck of the company, no Optimus 7 available, literally, there is not one in demonstration they can use.

Fortunately LG is responding to complaints from customers and not like others, who say that the fractures in the casing of the phone are not included in the warranty. Guess for some clients change should not be so radical after all Android is a great operating system, but on the other hand, who sought only Windows experience, must be quite frustrating having to deal with Android.

You guys would do, accept the new team or wait until they refilled their phone bought one identical to it?

Link: LG Optimus 7 replaces faulty units with Android smartphones (Phone Arena)

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