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Posted by on Dec 27, 2012 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

LG will integrate NFC in a home theater and a Blu-ray

LG will integrate NFC in a home theater and a Blu-ray

Apparently, the is a great year for technological developments, and to this, wants to surprise his followers with just three letters: NFC. Still do not know what it is? Well, it’s simple. Near Field Communication is a technology for wireless data transfer between devices nearby (20 cm) operating at a low frequency (13.56 MHz).

But what is intended by this? The Korean company will bet on two devices that integrate this chip, such as the Home Theatre BH9430PW, which has an iPod dock and a Private mode audio, and BP730, facilitating interaction with other devices you have such technology.

To make matters worse, LG also presented, in Las Vegas, Bluetooth Soundbar NB4530A, NP8630 speaker base (supported on Android and iOS and works with AirPlay) and NP6630 portable speaker.

Sounds good right? LG, surprise us.

Link: LG put a touch of NFC to its Blu-ray in 2013 (Engadget)

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