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License its technology NVIDIA graphics

License its technology NVIDIA graphics

The market for mobile is a market that is growing rapidly and is attractive to all those companies that typically make chips for other kinds of devices.

This happened with NVIDIA, who a few years ago began work designing technologies for mobile devices and is now able to license them, so that other vendors can access the catalog of that offers the familiar ‘green side force ‘.

License its technology NVIDIA graphics image 2

It is clear that pioneered license their technologies, as companies like ARM have already done, allowing third parties to create their own chips, but using technology previously developed and tested by ARM. For NVIDIA, which would license (at least in the first instance) are graphics technologies that developed this last time, which-as mentioned above-will allow manufacturers to use that one with a large catalog of patents.

This primarily benefits the client, as there will be more choice and more competition course. It is expected that initially are licensed portions of the Kepler architecture, which is also present in future generations of SoC.

In an official statement the company said: “Our partners will receive all necessary designs and all integrate powerful holder for NVIDIA to their teams, in addition to franchises portafoloio of ‘visual computing’, allowing them to develop while enjoying the freedom of design. “

Link: CNET

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