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Posted by on Jun 6, 2013 in Operating Systems | 0 comments

Listen, Apple: These are the improvements we expect to see in iOS 7

Listen, Apple: These are the improvements we expect to see in iOS 7

We are very short WWDC 2013, organized by to be opened with a presentation on stage at the Moscone West in San Francisco, the day next June 10 . There are many things we expect to see then , counting the possible release of 10.9 operating system, improvements to the line MacBook Pro, an online radio service and even possible wristwatch behind the bitten apple.

However, what brings us together in Wayerless is 7 future software platform for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is also expected to see at WWDC 2013. And we want to reflect on what is missing in iOS 6 or what I personally believe can have to be better than their predecessors, especially considering that the system is a few days shy of six years on the market.

Yes, a new design

Listen, Apple: These are the improvements we expect to see in iOS 7 image 2

First, to what we know. Because we’ve talked a lot of new graphic design that could have iOS 7 which has not undergone major changes since its debut in 2007 and now in the hands of Jonathan Ive, could show a flat, minimalist aesthetic , as have imagined for months several independent designers .

The issue with this proposal is: how revolutionary it could become a design background? Recalling that Apple is a company that makes fun of competitors copied him, enter the area minimalist mean to them an inevitable especially compared to Android and Windows Phone, then it will mark the trend in minimalist design after Windows Phone 7, which was also applied in the PC operating system Windows 8.

How Apple could innovate in this area? Everyone can imagine their own designs “revolutionary” in his head, however, do something different from what would be going minimalist and flat against the global industry trend, a risk I do not know if Apple will take with IOS 7.

Improvements on maps

Listen, Apple: These are the improvements we expect to see in iOS 7 image 3

A very, very weak in iOS 6 are maps. They were chosen as the largest mobile technological failure in 2012 , forcing Google maps reinstate the platform after CEO Tim Cook came out to give a public apology for his lousy product Apple Maps .

And for iOS 7 is expected to remain available such maps, but suffer a major improvement. For example, Apple could enable viewing without Internet connection, something that Google application itself can do and would be a nice feature for when you wish for something and do not have connectivity.

To this we add the obvious improvements in quality of information, since one of the great reviews pointing to the poor accuracy during navigation, which has led to errors even by firefighters , Queñes have recommended not using this solution.

or a better lock screen

Listen, Apple: These are the improvements we expect to see in iOS 7 image 4

Widgets and Shortcuts on Android.

Android has the home screens where the user places widgets (icons that display information), shortcuts and tools of all kinds. Windows Phone has the animated frames, which besides being the access to the application, cool your information in real time without the need to enter it. And Apple has … well, “slide to unlock”.

That is why we expect to see some love for this side. It is impossible for iOS 7 debuts a space like the Android home screens, so we see two alternatives to give you a little more dynamic to the platform if you do not have an open application.

The first would be to add widgets to the lock screen, that where the “slide to unlock” and could well benefit from the advent of user-defined tools to display information in real time. It would be nice to get the iPhone out of his pocket and unlock it before, seeing a that shows weather information or social networks, beyond push notifications.

Another less likely option is to imitate what makes Windows Phone and spice up the application icons. This would mean that they, in some way, showing real-time information that is not just a number in a red circle. As a somewhat abstract given the limited space at these icons to show something useful, we opted for the alternative of widgets.

More integration with third party services

Listen, Apple: These are the improvements we expect to see in iOS 7 image 5

Current Integration of Twitter on a menu in iOS 6.

We have seen how Apple has integrated platforms like Twitter or Facebook natively to iOS 6. And we hope to announce iOS 7 other minor collaborations that sense, the tools that come with pre-installed at the factory and would be most useful for the user to configure, use and see their service notifications.

Here we venture to give just a few names: Flickr, Vimeo and Netflix. And we know little about it, but we do have something for sure: Google will not see anything of the factory built in iOS 7, since both companies are competing with the intention that has shown Google to integrate its services everywhere, we doubt that Apple opens the doors for that.

And the problem is simple: if Apple let Google is goal “into the kitchen” in iOS, users will be faithful to platforms like Google+, Gmail, etc., being the next step to discover that these services work much better when you use a phone or Android tablet. Loss for Apple then.

Greater openness of APIs

Listen, Apple: These are the improvements we expect to see in iOS 7 image 6

An is the interface or link that allows independent software developer to access certain function on your computer, usually something associated with the hardware for which you need permits, having also APIs that allow access to other software services.

What we expect to see from Apple in iOS 7 is more open in that sense, that is, to allow application developers to have greater control over what may or may not change in the team, so as to have more customization in ways that to this day can not touch, like the virtual keyboard or the home screen, which remains unaffected by Apple’s decision.

A perfect example of that would see Facebook Home in iOS. It is difficult, since it would mean a complete redesign of the graphical interface to the operating system, such as in Android, however, Apple could make a couple of exceptions developers confidence to allow that, as in the case of Facebook .

Other minor additions

Listen, Apple: These are the improvements we expect to see in iOS 7 image 7

AirDrop, service for PCs with OS X that lets you share files via WiFi, it is quite useful for moving data as fast between two teams that support this function, which could very well expect to get iOS 7 mode to integrate the ecosystem today consists of only Macs

On the other hand, one could solve the need for direct dialing through the screen, what good could come through a widget on the lock screen or home that meets the most frequent contacts and allow fast so call .

Finally, a few obvious improvements come on the side of and iCloud. On the side of personal assistant with voice recognition, it could benefit from greater integration with external services that serve as a source of information, while collaborating with other service providers. A ridiculous example: “Siri, order a pizza”. And there is agreement with Pizza Hut to secure immediate home delivery. As for iCloud, also want to see something for external developers, allowing use of data storage service in the cloud of the Internet from other applications other than the official ones.

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