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Posted by on Jun 25, 2013 in SmartPhones | 0 comments

Lumia 1020, the actual name of Nokia may EOS

Lumia 1020, the actual name of Nokia may EOS

Stop falling No rumors about the next high-end Nokia, called to bring the sensor of 41 MP Pro based computer to a Windows Phone 8. The story of the famous EOS that we’ve talked so much, and that practically no longer holds many secrets ahead of its on July 11, had an interesting twist that could have revealed his real name under which it will be marketed.

Everything indicates that this new release of Nokia will be the first to use a name-based nomenclature Lumia and 4 numbers would have chosen as the Finnish Model 1020 as a designation for the equipment. At least I found the always well-informed account @ evleaks, which included this detail via Twitter … As always.

His record of successes is something that supports their revelation, but – as always – playing wait and see what Nokia has to say in the coming days. Not much for the June 11, and we will be in the announcement in New York to tell you all about the Lumia Finland’s most powerful so far been released.

Link: Rumor: Nokia EOS 41 Megapixel Nokia 1020 to Launch As Later This Month (IntoMobile)

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