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Posted by on Aug 15, 2012 in Uncategorized | 1 comment

Mail a Samsung executive recognizes that it may have turned to see the design of Apple

Mail a Samsung executive recognizes that it may have turned to see the design of Apple

Yesterday, in the judgment of vs Samsung, the Korean company said its tests an email that attempted to prove that only studied and evaluated the competition, like any other company in the world would say, not as Apple, deliberately trying to copy its design.

The mail in question was sent to the UX team which conducted all research for the development of handset designs.

The chief designer of Samsung Sungsik Lee circulated the mail in harness in 2010, before the Galaxy S hit stores in June of that year, indicating what the iPhone to it, the mail said:

“At the meeting yesterday, the CEO Gee Sung Choi said that the user experience was not critical to Samsung, of course, this does not mean we have to do the same simply because the iPhone did but CEO Choi us asked us to take decisions based on our convenience as users and not in our logical reasoning “

I wonder what chance the rectangular design is unique to Apple? Is it only they can have the idea of using a button on the bottom of the computer? If anyone “assess” to competition, there would be no PlayStation Move, or avatars for Xbox 360 or Wii control U Pro You guys are saying?

Samsung exec email from 2010 says “Recognize the standard” set by the iPhone, but do not copy it (Phone Arena)

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1 Comment

  1. Dear Mr CEO,

    This is very disappointing experience with such big knowned Brand that I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab2 in India (Lucknow) there was an offer going on free Bluetooth. I’ve ordered the same online with all the details like IMEI no, Purchase date scanned copy of the bill but still i didnt get my offer product. And its already been 2 Months and I did lots mail to SAMSUNG Tab2 Team.

    Kindly do me a favour

    Thanks & Regards,
    Shekhar Jain

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