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Posted by on Aug 3, 2012 in Security, SmartPhones | 0 comments

Man falls into ravine handle texting

Man falls into ravine handle texting

Human stupidity and obviousness are two roads – many times – is tragicomic bind to shape stories that transcend curious way. In this case, everyone clear the effects to human reflexes to go driving and worrying about external things like cell phones, and despite this there are people who insist on this dangerous practice, even in ways that increase the potential in themselves a disaster.

Meet Chance Bothe, a U.S. citizen 21 years originally from Houston who was passing in late January by a road full of cliffs while talking via text message with a friend who would minutes later. At one point, almost as if to cut the conversation and assuming the risks ensuing driving your outstanding mobile Bothe wrote to his friend “I need to stop sending messages because it could die in a car accident, then how would you feel …”

And then it happened.

Bothe fell into a ravine 10 meters deep at the side of the road, and managed to be rescued just before his truck was enveloped in a fireball. In the most serious injury to the brain was injured, broke his neck, punctured a lung, had compound in his legs, broke his skull too, adding to all this more broken sternum and ribs. Adding to the left him disfigured and tore completely segments the skin of his face, forcing them to submit to numerous reconstructive operations.

After months of being on the brink of death, and 3 episodes that had to be medically resuscitated, is now a clear process of rehabilitation that has allowed to recover 80% of its functions without problems.

Bothe told the Houston Press, which today have adopted it as an emblem of the anti-sms. In fact, now facing his recovery in hopes of becoming an activist to bring about changes in the legal regulation that increases the penalties for those guilty of this lack, raising awareness of the dangers hidden this practice that seems so common, but might lead you to lose your life.

“What people come to see me told me that God had a reason not to take the Earth because I have something special to do. And I think that is telling everyone not to send text messages while driving, “he said.

Beyond all the good that may have been away from the story, the message is very clear. Do not expect to be the victim of an accident caused by negligence own to avoid the risks involved in managing and worrying about the phone, or, ultimately, to use some tools that allow voice handle all these interactions, all is to minimize distraction options routes as you circulate. What was an unexpected recovery, but most are not as lucky as him.

Do not use your phone while driving, please …

Link: Second Chance: Miracle man preaches Dangers of Texting While Driving (KHOU)

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