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Posted by on Aug 28, 2012 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Man steals phone Ebola patient and the disease spreads

Man steals phone Ebola patient and the disease spreads

In Kibaale District in Uganda authorities recorded the case of a man who entered the hospital isolation sector Kagadi to steal the cell phone of a patient afflicted with the Ebola virus, a with no cure or vaccine could kill a person in days with terrible symptoms which can even cause bleeding into the skin.

Ebola is a disease that in addition to having a high rate of mortality (between 25% and 90% depending on the strain), is highly contagious, so the robber-cell whose model is unknown but authorities avaluaron at $24 – began to show symptoms of the disease and had to be taken back to the hospital for treatment.

The Head of the Hospital Medicine, Dr. Dan Kyamanywa, said that “the patient has all the symptoms of Ebola. And t is currently receiving treatment. We we extracted a sample and we are awaiting results, “said the doctor.

Definitely not worth getting sick of Ebola phone for $24.

Link: Man Steals Phone from Ebola Patient, Gets Ebola (Gawker)

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