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Posted by on Jun 18, 2013 in Companies | 0 comments

Mark Zuckerberg seeks to close an alliance with Samsung

Mark Zuckerberg seeks to close an alliance with Samsung

and Shin Jong-kyun. (C) Reuters

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s top brass decided to shop around the offices of in to talk to your president Shin Jong-Kyun. According to a report from Bloomberg , the reason for the visit was to discuss possible partnerships in which both companies can be beneficiaries.

Apparently Zuckerberg is seeking options to boost advertising revenue of mobile devices, where Samsung has an enviable market share. Similarly rumored to be seeking a partnership with Samsung would be designed to position Home in the series.

After a decline in their shares in the stock market and the disastrous sales of , Zuckerberg would desperately seeking an alliance than a financial respite to the company. Samsung could be the answer to their prayers, but remains to be seen if the Korean company is risking introduce models using Facebook Home.

When leaving the building Zuckerberg made no comment and the president of Samsung only said they spoke the state of the industry. The Facebook CEO also met for a few minutes with Park Geun Hye, South Korean President to promote technology startups there.

Link: Facebook’s Zuckerberg Meets to Discuss Partnerships Samsung (Bloomberg)

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