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Posted by on Dec 11, 2012 in Applications | 0 comments

Microsoft and Apple are fighting over the SkyDrive app for iOS

Microsoft and Apple are fighting over the SkyDrive app for iOS

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The computer giants and are fighting over application service cloud storage from Microsoft, SkyDrive.

The origin of the conflict would be at the time the Microsoft began to offer its users the option of paying for more storage space on SkyDrive. Since that time, Apple did not allow the Redmond company update its application in the for iOS.

The reasons are Apple standards that determine that 30% of the proceeds from purchases within an application are for the Cupertino company, so when the Microsoft began offering the purchase of additional space, it did through your page and did not give the option of purchasing from within the application for iOS.

Microsoft does not want Apple to pay 30% of sales from within the application, as last updated while is ready and in the hands of the App Store, because it would mean that the customer would pay in perpetuity for additional space through your account in Apple but it is changed to a Windows Phone, Android or Symbian.

The problem is that the fight is already affecting smaller developers as Files Pro , who use SkyDrive SDK to offer its support to the service users, or CloudMusic for SkyDrive, Apple who still do not approve your application for iOS.

Link: Microsoft balks at Apple’s 30% fee, leaving That SkyDrive and integrate apps with it in the lurch on iOS (The Next Web)

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