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Posted by on Aug 15, 2012 in Operating Systems, Tablets | 0 comments

Microsoft Surface RT could cost $199

Microsoft Surface RT could cost $199

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When it announced said that would be available in two models, one with ARM processor and the other with Intel. Many expected that the economic model of ARM had a price similar to the iPhone to compete with Apple is that the tablets with will be practically a PC but with mobile capability, so it is speculated that many will be very expensive.

Well to keep the healthy habit “sources” report that the Surface could have an extremely competitive price to try to sell as many devices as possible. The source claims to have attended a conference where he revealed plans to launch Surface are:

The tablet Tegra processor Surface RT 3 apparently will be released on October 26 and will be priced at $199.

For that price well worth buying is cheaper than a Netbook and almost as functional as a tablet with Windows 8. If the processor is the same as the new cell phones, but if you are a consumer that requires a lot of power and instead, if you need mobility, can be a great buy, also believes that these teams will RT include the new Office, all other users who purchase Windows 8 (which is the most complete) must pay a little more.

Link: Microsoft Surface RT to retail for $199? (IntoMobile)

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