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Posted by on Jun 17, 2013 in Operating Systems | 0 comments

Microsoft updates Bing voice recognition and says “15% more effective”

has been working hard to improve speech recognition system on through its division Microsoft Research (MSR), which have focused on using a technology called Deep neural networks (DNNS), inspired by the functioning of brain neurons and that far surpasses existing technologies of to detect patterns in a way similar to a biological system.

The company will begin this week to launch these improvements as part of the voice recognition in the mobile operating system Windows Phone. According to the Redmond company, this means that the results will be presented at twice the current speed, and increased 15% effective at recognizing words.

Unfortunately, these improvements are only available in English at the moment, and the United States. However, as usual, will only be a matter of waiting until the technology is implemented in Spanish.

Link: Makes Bing on Windows Phone Voice Recognition More Accurate and Twice as Fast (Bing Blog)

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