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Posted by on Jun 25, 2013 in SmartPhones | 0 comments

Motorola may release its Moto X on August 1

Motorola may release its Moto X on August 1

We have long been following the story of the famous Moto X , the team should a radical change in as we know, and promises to be the cornerstone of multiple changes in Android. And today, perhaps unintentionally, the U.S. company gives us more clues to their existence and the date by which we should expect the ads.

It looks something apocalyptic, but it turns out that the draft advertising we see here was leaked brings to the fore two key issues to understand the process that will gestate the of this device as rumored … First, the makeover that will boost the company hand to become a company more interesting, innovative and exciting.

Motorola may release its Moto X on August 1 image 2

And second is the date shown below: August 1, 2013.

Rumors behind the Moto X always pointed to an announcement in August, which ends up making perfect sense when you consider that the first day of that month’s Thursday. The date could be just a side issue thinking that could have been chosen at random to complement the sketch. However, we should – at least – put a mark on our calendar and so important to remember that industry something could happen that day.

I’m not exaggerating, as we talked earlier about the expectations that many analysts have about this device, which – according to some who have been fortunate – will change the way users interact with their devices, unlocking the potential of technologies systematically ignored hitherto.

I have my chips I put in the Moto X. What do you think we should expect from him?

Link: “Goodbye Moto” – is Motorola’s new identity With The Moto X being unveiled August 1st? (Phandroid)

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