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Posted by on Jun 26, 2013 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Motorola Mobility and its new logo, the first major change since Google bought

Motorola Mobility and its new logo, the first major change since Google bought

Leaving aside the dismissal, which you can see above is the first of many changes in the identity of as we know now. It is a plan to refresh your look and give it a more exciting and appealing to let people know that there are things happening since bought it.

And we see the first sign of this is the renewal of its logo, which does not abandon its essence but colorful and interesting integrates explicit statement saying the company is under the large umbrella of Google. Pastel colors, flat design – no, that did this design Jony Ive – a change in the logo of the brand from uppercase to lowercase, and the big M pointed that characterizes the U.S. company.

A second logo was announced along with the colorful. This variant leaves out the red solid to give way to an equally minimalist purple version.

Change is not an accident nor is it by chance. Motorola faces the biggest change in its history and is about to launch a phone that – say – change the way the user is related to their devices. In the midst of this great transition, Google has defined it’s a great time to do an exorcism on the old to make way for something vibrant, close and “Googloso”.

It is rumored that the August 1 this will be reflected with the announcement of Moto X, the next high-end U.S. company.

Link: Rainbow Motorola Mobility logo update makes it “a Google company” (SlashGear)

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