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Posted by on Jun 19, 2012 in Curiosities, Patents | 0 comments

Motorola Mobility patentaria screen that

Motorola Mobility patentaría screen that

Motorola has tried to patent a mobile screen is capable of emitting sounds through a speaker, either collected from a video call, a movie or a music track. Of course, although already submitted the application and there is some likelihood that the acceptance, there’s one more that leads away from our hands this innovation: Motorola still can not do these screens.

However, the picture of this note corresponds to the “piezoelectric” the sort of device that would give voice features to the screen.

Not for the first time a company tries to patent a “concept”, in fact, some have received the other of the entities involved. This time it was the Trademark Office of the United States in charge of receiving the request on the grounds that they have found com0 create a “useful area of ‹audio” off the screen of a mobile device.

The idea is to turn the touch screen smartphone or a tablet into a fully functioning speaker in both private and speaker.

The patent discloses the technology of the display as a display lens to float freely fixing the rest of the device by a “stiffening ring” which is compatible with an electrical structure. This would mean that it is an electrical signal which is then made audible by means of small vibrations. In addition, the display is capable of haptic feedback.

With that, if executed, Motorola would be a pioneer in integrating display functions and audio parts of a mobile. Although it may seem somewhat far fetched ambitiously, it is undeniable that Motorola is in very good hands, bought it and now could drive it without stumbling along the path of innovation.

Moreover, we must prepare, get comfortable and wait and see, perhaps, an avalanche of ideas now “impossible” under patent application filed by a that Google fell in love with its powerful patent portfolio and now has much for inventing and appropriate to support his ally and possible buyer happier.

Link: Motorola wants to turn your mobile phone display Into a speaker. (Extreme Tech)

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