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Posted by on May 28, 2012 in Operating Systems, SmartPhones, Updates | 0 comments

Motorola RAZR videos of your Droid with Ice Cream Sandwich

Motorola RAZR videos of your Droid with Ice Cream Sandwich

has just released a video showing how their models look Droid after receiving the last of the operating system, ie , version which will apply in every during the course of this quarter.

The videos are published on the website of the Japanese firm, clearly showing the layer of customization to their high-end models, the Razr Maxx Motorola RAZR. So the long awaited update is finally beginning to take shape, that after the delay that caused the Motorola acquisition by Google .

This update brings a host of features, among which the locking system is one of the most important because they enable the option to directly access the call log to the screen, inbox, etc. . This version also includes two new features to the chambers of the devices, such as making screenshots in high resolution while we are recording a video or make Time Lapses video.

Then we two videos, which despite being in Japanese, show the changes that will upgrade computers.

Link: Motorola Android 4.0 video show on Droid RAZR (PC World Australia)

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