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Posted by on May 26, 2012 in Equipments, Operating Systems, Rumors | 0 comments

Nexus tablet would Quadcore and Jelly Bean

Nexus tablet would Quadcore and Jelly Bean

We know that is bringing a tablet in hand, and although still not safe to be called “Nexus Tablet” and begin to circulate rumors about its features and components. That is this note: the pad that the creator of has commissioned ASUS have Tegra 3, a factor that would jeopardize the option to sell it at less than $ 200.

However the estimates and assumptions that a dual-core as the core of this creation of Google, remember that has stated its intention to devices costing less than $ 200, so that we could be talking about a complete and successful partnership that would result in the launch of the Nexus Tablet with these components.

Another comment is that the tablet would come with Jelly Bean, the newest version of Android, which does not expect to see in a team until this fall, while the launch pad by ASUS is expected by July. Of course, maybe we will play with the delay and then everything would have more and more sense.

Now, just Imagine it for a moment: tablet, four cores, the most advanced Android, all for $199 … Is it possible? Is it profitable? Is it true? We have a month to eat nails nerves. One thing of concern is that Google has failed in so many things that seemed designed to succeed, like Buzz, Wave or Google + himself.

Still, all the clunkers have been social and in terms of development, have been worn by creating, nothing more and nothing less, Android.

What do you think will happen with this?

Link: Nexus tablet leaked details, will be quad-core and may include Jelly Bean (PhoneArena)

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