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Nokia 808 PureView Review

Nokia 808 PureView

Author: Jonathan Munizaga and Mariano Mancilla
Photos: Mariano Mancilla
Audiovisual Editing: Jonah Van den Bosch

The has 4-inch screen, which has a resolution of 640 X 360 pixels, the is 41 megapixels along with a Xenon flash and having the ability to record Full HD video at 30 frames per second. The team operates with the operating system OS and runs on an ARM11 processor 1.3 GHz single-core.

We were testing this equipment for a few weeks, working with our professional photographer, Mariano Mancilla, who will perform various tests to the camera of the Nokia 808 PureView to see that this goes this team. Do not miss all the details of this phone in the following W Labs

Let’s start!


2G Network: GSM GPRS EDGE 850/900/1800/1900.

3G Network: UMTS HSDPA HSUPA 850/900/1700/1900/2100.

4G: Not Available

Dimensions: 123.9 x 60.2 x 13.9 mm, weight 169 grams.

Display: 4.0 inch AMOLED 16 million colors, is of capacitive type, 16:9 image aspect and resolution of 640 X 360 with a density of 184 pixels per inch.

Storage: 16GB, expandable MicroSD card up to 32GB

Operating System: Nokia OS Belle Feature Pack 1

Chipset: Unknown

Processor: ARM 11 Single-Core 1.3 GHz

Graphics: No Information

RAM: 512MB

Camera: 41 megapixels (38 megapixels to use 7152 X 5368pixeles) with Xenon flash, Carl Zeiss optics, video recording Full HD 1080p, auto focus, timer and VGA front camera.

Connectors: MicroUSB standard high-speed output and audio output microHDMI Jack 3.5 mm

Wireless connections: Bluetooth 3.0 with A2DP and EDR, DLNA, Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n, NFC, FM transmitter and A-GPS

Battery: External Model BV-4D 1400 mAh Li-Ion type, operating at 3.8 Volts

Other: USB On-The-Go, Stereo FM Radio with RDS, Dolby Headphone, HDMI output with 1920 X 1080 image and Dolby Digital Plus, Digital Compass, social networks Facebook and Twitter integrated Gorilla Glass screen, among others.


The Nokia 808 has a striking design PureView because the space it occupies its rear camera, which protrudes from the housing and some think it may be somewhat uncomfortable, but I really do not bother at all.

I liked the type of material that is built this team, because it is a hard plastic, which shows very strong and the touch can be felt as a rough fiber, allowing a better grip and safety.

The weight of the equipment must be considered because it is very heavy, especially if you come to use a Samsung Galaxy SII, but personally it does not bother me at all. Moreover, the motives for my heavy weight gives me more security, Nokia also has us accustomed to the high quality of the materials on its smartphones.

Begin to examine its design:

We head on his 4-inch screen, then at the bottom we see three physical keys: Answer – Menu – Finish / off. Then on top we have the Nokia logo, proximity sensor and ambient light, and VGA front camera.

Nokia 808 PureView image 2

In the back of the computer, we again see the Nokia logo that is located at the center of the device, we find above the protruding part of the team, which is located 41-megapixel camera, Xenon flash together and main speaker.

Nokia 808 PureView image 3

When we take the back cover covering the battery, we can see in it the NFC module which makes contact with the phone when the slide is inserted. While on the computer, without the cap when we view the BV-4D battery 1400 mAh, and when removed, we discover the MicroSD Card Reader Micro SIM card.

Nokia 808 PureView image 4

Nokia 808 PureView image 5

Nokia 808 PureView image 6

On the sides of the team, specifically to the left side, we did not find anything. However, on the right side we can see the volume keys, a sliding button to lock or unlock the computer and a key dual role especially devoted to the camera.

Nokia 808 PureView image 7

At the top we can see Team Micro HDMI port, followed by the Micro USB port and 3.5mm phone jack for audio output.

Nokia 808 PureView image 8

And finally we see in the bottom of the computer where only we have the main microphone and a hole for wrist strap.

Nokia 808 PureView image 9


The Nokia 808 is a computer suitable for use as a media player, especially to integrate an HDMI output. With it you can watch your videos and / or favorite movies in high definition, and not just on the computer screen as you can connect to a TV via HDMI and enjoy a home theater audio and Dolby Digital Plus up to 7.1 channels. It supports a wide variety of multimedia formats, these are:

Audio: MP3, WMA, AAC / AAC + eAAC + and WAV.

Video: AVI, WMV, DivX, XviD, MP4 and 3GP.

Music Player

The music player interface that integrates Nokia Belle, had a few small changes, but almost everything else remains exactly as we see today in earlier versions of Symbian. It’s almost like, not to say that is equal-to the player that integrates with the Nokia N8 Symbian Belle.

Nokia 808 PureView image 10

The player has an acceptable sound, has good power in terms of volume, but as I always say, that depends purely on the headset is used. His equalizer has 5 pre-defined settings.

These are:

  • Bass Boost
  • Classic
  • Jazz
  • Pop
  • Rock

Unfortunately you can create another custom profile, nor can you edit the current settings. It also integrates Dolby Headphone effect which greatly improves audio, surround sound surround offering. For the rest, as usual with the other versions, as evidenced by the following screenshots:

Nokia 808 PureView image 11

Nokia 808 PureView image 12
FM Radio

The FM radio has a dial to see what frequency is tuned. Thanks to the data it receives via the RDS (Radio Data System), the team has the ability to show what genre or musical style touches the station. Signal reception is still excellent with any headset, good power in terms of volume and very good sound, especially bass and treble. The radio has the RDS (Radio Data System), also incorporates the AF (Auto Frequency). The first time you turn on the radio, the computer begins to search for stations and is saved in the memory 40 stations automatically.

Nokia 808 PureView image 13

FM Transmitter

The Nokia 808 features a handy PureView FM transmitter so you can stream your music on any FM radio receiver. For example, you can use in a car and go broadcasting the music that you hear on the phone and play it on your car’s speakers. Simply tune into the frequency at which you will transmit on the radio and you select exactly the same frequency and the phone’s audio will be heard on the FM receiver. The FM transmitter automatically switches off if the team is not playing anything, but is automatically reactivated when the team plays audio. The power transmission is rather low and it takes the team very close to the FM receiver to have no interference in the signal. The sound quality is normal, passable.

Nokia 808 PureView image 14

Video Player

The video player of our hero is about the same as previous versions, does not include anything new, just change a bit the GUI to suit Nokia Belle. You can play videos in HD 1980 x 1080 up to 30 frames per second with excellent reproduction.

Nokia 808 PureView image 15


We went out to field test the integrated GPS and the Nokia 808 PureView works quite well in Nokia Belle. It took about 15 seconds to connect using Assisted GPS (A-GPS). Navigation is done with great application in Nokia Maps version 3.09 and displacement maps so it works pretty well. It features 3D buildings with highly detailed local information, voice navigation, it also has the option of using the digital compass built into the equipment to best display your current position, besides being able to “check in” at places you go and share on social networks.

In this version of Nokia Maps, the application functions are divided. Now I’ll show you:


Here you can use the application just to see where you are, find addresses, etc. It’s like having a map on paper, but on your computer.

Nokia 808 PureView image 18

Check in

Here you can post in different social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare, what are you doing and where you are now also able to share photos with your contacts.

Nokia 808 PureView image 19


Well, his name says it all. Here you have all the tools to perform navigation when you’re driving and obviously with voice guidance. You have the option to switch to “guide” for a man or woman of different nationalities, but now adds the option of adding a “guide” with integrated street names. Thus, the application and also guides you saying that you will have to take streets. Personally I chose a Mexican female voice with integrated street names, and pronunciation was done very well and really understand, I really loved the latter.

Nokia 808 PureView image 20


This application gives you all that is the climate that is in your current position with up to 5 days forecast.

Nokia 808 PureView image 21

Map loader

With this application you can download all Nokia offers free maps. You can download via Wi-Fi, and voice prompts to install. This app gives you check for updates to the maps you currently have installed.

Nokia 808 PureView image 22


Here you get information on hotels, restaurants, travel guides, what is happening in the city where you are, nearby events, etc.. You can also report a map that has an error.

Nokia 808 PureView image 23


The Nokia 808 PureView screen is 4 inches of AMOLED type with a resolution of 640 X 360 pixels, presented in a 16:9 Wide screen and incorporating 16 million colors. The display has a pixel density of 184 per inch, capacitive multi-touch, sensitivity is excellent and has a very good response rate in fast moving images, so we did not find the famous “ghost”. Outdoor visibility is very good both in cloudy and clear.

Nokia 808 PureView image 24

The screen has good brightness, ambient light sensor is well calibrated, the colors are very vivid, something characteristic of AMOLED displays, so we quite liked the Nokia 808 PureView screen.


The Nokia 808 PureView has two audio sources: The headset and speaker.

The sound quality that you deliver the phone when making calls is good. It gives you clear sound, loud and clear, which is not saturated by having the volume too high, but hey, I have to note that in that Nokia has always been a leader in audio quality, so in the atrial have much to criticize.

Nokia 808 PureView image 25

Our protagonist has a single speaker, the audio so that gives us the equipment is in MONO. The speaker is located on the back of the computer, but still the audio power is not lost when having your computer on a flat surface as in other devices from other manufacturers, so the design is well done that aspect. But if left in a bed to give you an example, the audio loses power.

The audio quality delivered by the speaker is good, you have pretty decent bass and treble sounds pretty strong to let the volume to maximum and not saturated at all, delivering a sound that does not bother acceptable and pleasing to the ear.

Nokia 808 PureView image 26

Operating System

The system that drives our protagonist is Nokia Belle OS Feature Pack 1. The system itself works well, but sometimes tends to get a little slow, especially when installing apps from the Nokia shop where you get to take at least 1 minute to install each application downloads, even light.

The main novelty of Nokia Belle is the notification bar is much like that incorporates Android. Such notification bar, slides downwards and you can enable or disable the data network (Internet phone), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and the Silent profile, and obviously you are all incoming claims as to what Wi-Fi are connected, current operator, messages, emails, reminders, alarms, music player, etc..

Home Screen

Belle has 4 desks, each one can customize the screen background, add widgets and shortcuts to applications or functions of the team. The system already brings many widgets and wallpapers fixed.

Nokia 808 PureView image 27


Over here we can see the contacts menu interface which maintains that Symbian has almost always kept. You can add enough information to a contact as Name, Last Name, add image, number, email, IM address, groups ringtone, management, organization, notes, alias, web site, birthday and anniversary.

Nokia 808 PureView image 28


The gallery has a displacement by the media that is very fluid, do not delay in loading, and always gives you the option to share that content to your social networks. You could say it is about the same as we see in Symbian Anna, but the options changed places.

Nokia 808 PureView image 29

Menu and Applications

This is the main menu that offers our hero:

Nokia 808 PureView image 30

Over here we can see the setup menu:

Nokia 808 PureView image 31

On this side we can see the keypad:

Nokia 808 PureView image 32

We also have some unique applications that Nokia wanted to add to the team which I will detail below:

Social> This application integrates Facebook and Twitter, and allow you to use your accounts of these two social networks in a single application, giving you the option to update your status, send a tweet, reply, and check your Facebook messages or entries, including functions.

F-Secure> A handy antivirus that will help protect the security of your Nokia PureView.


The Nokia 808 has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0 and HSDPA and HSUPA connectivity. The Wi-Fi has excellent signal reception. Bluetooth 3.0 also tested the team with the Samsung Galaxy SII (Bluetooth 3.0) transferring files between them and the transfer speed is quite fast. We copy an MP3 of 5 MB and the transfer took only 28 seconds.

The Nokia 808 PureView can operate in GSM / GPRS / EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 and WCDMA 850/900/1700/1900/2100. Therefore, an equipment is suitable to operate with networks and Nextel VTR own 3G.

Finally we tested the NFC connectivity with the Samsung Galaxy SIII and both teams were connected to each other to transfer files quickly.

Nokia 808 PureView image 33


The battery of the Nokia 808 is PureView Li-Ion 1400 mAh operating at 3.8 volts and the battery according to the manufacturer offer a range of 465 hours of standby on 2G and 540 hours on 3G networks. While speaking, it offers up to 11 hours on 2G and 3G network 7 hours. Anyway personally I preferred to do a test as I do in most reviews, so I went to leave charging the battery overnight before starting my workday.

[06:30 - Battery 100%] switch on my computer which is connected to internet via 3G mobile immediately and remains so throughout the day. I connect my Bluetooth headset and also active player set to go listen to music while I go to work. During the trip, I sometimes get emails and I use Twitter via Gravity or Foursquare but very little. [07:35 - Battery 92%] came to the office and from there I use the computer to use email, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, WhatsApp and some calls throughout the day but not so then. [18:00 - Battery 53%] end of my workday and I’m going home connecting my Bluetooth headset and along with the player set to go listen to music and go applications using instant messaging and Twitter. [19:15 - Battery 39%] came to my house and leave the equipment there on standby and occasionally use WhatsApp. [23:00 - Battery 27%] I go to sleep and powering down the computer without loading it still has a battery. The next day I repeated the same process and the battery began to warn me that I had little cargo around 9 am.

In short, the team gave me an endurance of 20 hours.

PureView, what good are 41 megapixels?

For the first time in the history of Labs W, we wanted to leave the chamber section for last because everyone is so interested, as the team itself is equal to the other Nokia, but what stands out here mainly is the camera.

For this reason we pay for a couple of days the team to our professional photographer, Mariano Mancilla , who had the opportunity to test and compare this camera with professional cameras that he often used.

Here we leave the opinion of our professional photographer on the Nokia 808 PureView:

The properties of the camera of this team deserves a completely separate because it incorporates technology and that it be totally innovative mobile devices. It is called imaging technology PureView Pro, the main benefit of Nokia 808 PureView and many already define it as the new photo software.

This imaging technology is a combination of a high resolution sensor with incredible 41Mpx with five-element lens Carl Zeiss high-performance, obtaining images and video with impressive detail. These features are complemented by the “pixel oversampling” (on sampling of pixels), allowing zooming without losing quality in the final result.


  • Sensor with Picture 41Mpx Oversampling.
  • Total number of pixels: 7728 x 5368
  • Res Images: 8MP – 5MP – 3MP
  • Res Video: Full HD 1080p – 720p – 360p
  • Frame rate: 30fps – 25 fps – 24fps – 15fps
  • Carl Zeiss lens built (Aspherical, five elements, mechanical shutter)
  • Zoom: 3x for images, 4x 1080p HD video.
  • Focal Length: 35 mm Maximum Res – 26mm, 16:9 – 28mm, 4:3
  • Diaphragm: 2.4
  • Shake
  • Focus points
  • Metering
  • ISO: Auto, 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600,
  • White Balance: Auto, sunny, cloudy, incandescent, fluorescent
  • Modes of Use
  • Speed 60-1/4000
  • Exposure Compensation: + _4EV
  • File Formats: JPEG, MP4
  • Output Ports: USB 2.0 Micro, Micro HDMI.
  • Optical viewfinder (Viewfinder):
  • Microphone: Stereo


The camera of the Nokia 808 PureView immediately stands out for its size and somewhat higher relief in relation to the body of the team. Perhaps at first glance looks like a camera with a regular lens, but looking to arrest and take time to make a photograph, you can see that this is a lens with much potential. It comes with a Xenon flash and LED light also support the approach.

Nokia 808 PureView image 34

The size of the camera must also the lens of five elements, large sensor, being even larger than the Canon 7D one sensor (5184 x 3456), or the compact Canon G1X (Link) of dimensions 4592 x 3448.

VIEW PURE PRO, sampling and zoom

Upon hearing about the Nokia 808 immediately the question was how a mobile device camera can capture images as good definition?. The answer is in 41Mpx sensor and pixel oversampling. Let’s review slowly.

Consider that the camera defaults to an image resolution of 8Mpx, enough to have good detail and print quality. So we still have a range to get a larger image. That portion of usable sensor that uses the zoom. Finally, the zoom is to use the sensor to its maximum capacity, but storing only the image portion 8Mpx equivalent, so that the zoom capability is inversely proportional to the resolution you choose to photograph.

Nokia 808 PureView image 35

Furthermore, this technology provides for the mixture of pixels to generate a large super pixel capable of storing more information and eliminate noise, especially in low light conditions. Oversampling is inversely proportional to the level of zoom used.

The result of these two features are images with the option to magnify them with very good quality, definition and without noise, unlike images captured with traditional digital zoom, which basically replicates the information from the pixels, so you lose definition the image.

Modes of Use

Automatic mode

In this option the camera does everything work for you. Just simply touch the touch screen to select the image you want to focus and go. Results ready and perfect. The only configurable option is the flash.

Scene Mode

This option is the semi-automatic camera. You can choose between landscape, auto, close-up, portrait, motion, night, night portrait, spotlight and snow.

Creative Mode

This mode offers what every amateur photographer can ask. You can set 3 custom styles, where you can determine the exposure compensation (+-4EV), white balance (sunny, auto, cloudy, incandescent, fluoroescente), ISO (50-1600) and the ND filter. Of course it is possible to determine the image format between resolution 8Mpx – 3mpx, Format 16:9 / 4:3 and if you want pictures using PureView or maximum resolution.

Other settings are standard JPEG compression / superfine, tone color (normal, vivid, sepia, black and white), capture mode (normal, parentheses, interval, timer), saturation, contrast, sharpness.

Nokia 808 PureView image 36

In the left menu of the screen are the configurable options such as flash, scenes, exposure compensation, white balance and ISO. In the right menu of the screen are the options of photo / video, shutter and access to the gallery, while the top are menu options mode (Auto, Scene and creative).


The management of the Nokia 808 camera uses a very simple logic to understand for anyone who has ever used a compact camera (I would say even more intuitive and friendly), making it perfect for beginners or amateur photographers.

Moreover the action of photographing or video recording with such incredible results in simple steps and a pleasant experience from beginning to end. Best of all is that although we are facing extreme conditions of light, the camera will always work perfectly to make it a photograph or video of very good quality and quickly. After all that’s what we look for in a mobile device is not it?.

Nokia 808 PureView image 37

They asked if I change my compact camera on the Nokia 808, and after a moment’s hesitation my answer was YES!. The truth is that new technology offers a Pro PureView new paradigm in photography when putting the focus on software rather than hardware.

If this technology comes into use in other devices, it is likely that users hesitate at first the results, because the hardware may not “look” like a conventional camera of good quality. However, we must test its performance and see the results to realize that we are facing a breakthrough in terms of image capture.

Nokia 808 PureView image 38

Then you leave with a few test shots. At the end of the images you’ll find a link to download the photos at full size and unmodified, as WordPress does not allow upload images larger than 8MB and 15MB photos weigh up.

Photo and Video Test

Nokia 808 PureView image 39

Nokia 808 PureView image 40

Nokia 808 PureView image 41

Nokia 808 PureView image 42

Nokia 808 PureView image 43

Nokia 808 PureView image 44

Here’s the link to download the archive with photos in their original size and unchanged:


And here is the video recorded on the highest quality supported by the Nokia 808 PureView:

The Unmissable

  • PureView technology Pro
  • The sharpness and detail quality of the catch.
  • Its simple and user friendly navigation

Final opinion of the Author

When it came to Nokia 808 PureView Betazeta offices, the first thing I noticed was the rear of the unit, specifically where the camera goes. I was impressed that the camera was so great that protrudes from the computer case, something never seen on a mobile.

Well, the camera just tried it and I liked the quality of the photographs, so clearly agree with the view Mariano Mancilla. You can zoom to a photo without the pixelee image, which can not be done with many cameras. I liked the final quality in the remaining videos, left with a very good definition and audio is great.

I liked the sound quality offered by the music player, especially when adding the Dolby Headphone effect which greatly improves the sound. Unfortunately, the team brings equalizer but only with pre-defined profiles can not be customized.

I liked it because the screen had excellent brightness and colors stood out, looked almost like a SuperAMOLED, and I liked it even more by noting that in broad daylight, the screen looks great, cloudy or clear, truly remarkable.

Unfortunately the computer’s operating system does not join anything to this machine, Nokia Belle is still slow, it takes longer than usual when installing apps from the store (minimum 1 minute), I was about 45 minutes and it updated Nokia Maps it is unpardonable. If this phone had been Android, had been a success.

Equipment design as I liked, like the front I found it very similar to the C6-01 (the last) and materials that are resistant notice and the weight of the equipment does not bother at all.

Would I buy this team? I only buy it if it were a fan of photography, but since I’m not, I do not buy because your operating system is not for this phone, it was a big fan of Symbian before, but you and I know that Symbian is no longer is the same as before.

And finally I leave you with a video made by our editor audiovisual Jonah Van den Bosch , where you see the Nokia 808 PureView in action:

The Unmissable

  • Camera
  • Carl Zeiss optics
  • Screen
  • Battery life
  • Good sound
  • Dolby Headphone Effect
  • Quality GPS

The unpresentable

  • Operating System
  • You can create custom profile in the music player’s equalizer
  • Facebook Twitter clients and walk very slowly integrated
  • Extreme slowness when installing apps from the Nokia Store
Nokia 808 PureView image 45

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