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Posted by on Dec 20, 2012 in Rumors | 0 comments

Nokia already have almost finished your tablet with Windows 8 RT

Nokia already have almost finished your tablet with Windows 8 RT

Filter design course that would have the tablet.

It has long been speculating on the arrival of a market, company existential problems had to decide on a suitable operating system for your product, since apparently not interested in using Android Windows Phone catalog and no used to this kind of equipment, so they were in the air.

However, arrived on 26 October and brought it to Windows 8, in its variant RT for devices with architecture chips, so Qualcomm, NVIDIA Tegra and several other hardware manufacturers can join the party of Windows. That is why new reports indicate that Nokia finally decided on this software to move a tablet, which would already possess almost ready and Snapdragon inner shelf, taking care to manufacture the company Compal, who assembled the device.

With the design and planning prepared, would only set in motion the machinery to turn on the production lines and brand new product, which could be shown to the world in one of the technology fairs that will take place during the months of January and February.

Link: Nokia Reportedly ‘in talks’ to build 10-inch Windows slate RT with Qualcomm and Compal (Engadget)

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