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Posted by on Jul 25, 2012 in Applications, Cameras, SmartPhones | 0 comments

Nokia closes the deal that puts it under his wing to Scalado

Nokia closes the deal that puts it under his wing to Scalado

Yes, is a Revolution in imaging technology in a mobile, and likely to remain on top for a while as the highest standard in this section. However, the technology has been developing in recent times given much attention and has been under intense scrutiny from the industry.

Maybe that’s why announced last month that would make this company to pursue “a revolution capitalized in the field of image,” or at least said so Samuli Hanninen, Vice President of Software Management .

Well, today announced that has the deal is ready and Scalado already owned, allowing you to use their intellectual property – including a technology similar to cameras – and the privileged use of all that the team behind this company to generate future.

“We’re at a point where things can change radically. It is our ambition that the phones are capable of capturing emotions and memories distilled in a much greater extent than today, “said Hanninen.

The group that comes from Scalado will be based in Sweden, and develop software that complements the experiences previously developed by the Finns.

What will hand Nokia? If there is anything that this company has always stood out, besides the strength of their teams, is positioned as a manufacturer that favors the photographic experience that delivers to its customers. Clearly, something good has come out of this equipment to reach mid to high range. Perhaps even PureView complementing, improving something that is now

Note that had a deal with this company for using its technology in BB10, which still stands without any problems no matter Scalado has changed hands.

Link: Nokia boosts imaging know-how with exclusive technologies, IP and brains from Scalado (Nokia Conversations)

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