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Posted by on Dec 16, 2012 in Rumors, Tablets | 0 comments

Nokia Juggernaut, the largest Lumia

Nokia Juggernaut, the largest Lumia

“Semaphore Juggernaut”, the code name of a device that could be, nothing more and nothing less than the first Lumia. And is that a new rumor about Nokia has emerged following the leak of a picture showing a team can not be assumed that more than that would work with Windows Phone and its screen is bigger than usual, calculated in proportion to the hand holding it.

Nokia Juggernaut, the largest Lumia image 2

If true, it could be a direct competitor of Galaxy Note 2, which has come to lecture about what they are liking to most mobile users: the size hybrid “reasonable”, as it were so. It soon HTC and Huawei have embarked on a crusade in which even Apple has reared its nose with its iPad Mini still out of this category, but certainly a hint towards hybridization.

For now, all of these features would live phablets Android. If this were the same giant Lumia, would pioneer and definitively break the autonomy of Google in this line.

In any case, it is quite possible that this appliance be unveiled at CES 2013, to be held in early January … you buy the Nokia Juggernaut if a hybrid style of the Galaxy Note 2?

Link: Nokia Juggernaut photos online leaks. (Tech2)

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