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Posted by on Dec 19, 2012 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Nokia Lumia 825 to prepare a screen PureMotion

Nokia Lumia 825 to prepare a screen PureMotion

The clear evolution that is taking to push more and more phones based on Phone for different price segments and specific markets could bring a new team to light shortly. We speak of an alleged Lumia 825, device posed no greater shame for the cameras of a Chinese site, revealing some of the next step that the market developments that country could see in the near future.

First let’s talk about your screen, which will introduce a new technology called and commitment to dramatically improve outdoor visibility, response time and take the option to use its functions even with gloves to lower ranges of devices.

The 825 will also bring more memory built into your motherboard, urging him to 16GB instead of 8GB factory brings the 820, but the rest of the features will not have significant changes, so we can expect the same chip Qualcomm S4 Dual Core , the same gig of RAM and the same camera.

The 825 should see light in February, just in time for Mobile World Congress.

Link: Nokia Lumia 825 with screen PureMotion supposedly coming next year (PhoneArena)

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