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Posted by on Dec 20, 2012 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Nokia might be difficult to make all the Lumia 920 which requires

Nokia might be difficult to make all the Lumia 920 which requires

As happened to your Nexus 4 LG, could be working at full speed to fill orders that operators performed all over the world to market its flagship product today, the Lumia 920. However, reports from say that Finland is producing 20,000 units per day in factories involved in this process, which – per month – gives 600,000 units monthly.

It’s a good problem if we see it from his point of view as demand has remained high in key markets, but – after all – is a problem, and as such causes frustration and annoyance to users who want to get one of these devices and are not able to find it in their countries.

This is because the lack of production capacity in many countries is delaying the arrival of its new high-end, forcing stakeholders to face a wait that might not want to continue.

These production have not been confirmed by Nokia, but the late arrival of units to countries considered for the second phase of expansion of the product is a fact that affects even mid-range, the Lumia 620. Playing wait until after CES – mid-January, about – to know clearly what the sales figures that have managed to amass the Finns … Anyway, always good to see you have had an interesting rally that should result in numbers each again positive.

Link: Nokia’s latest headache: It may only be Able to produce 600.000 Lumia 920 phones a month (BGR)

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